Trick Lock Notebook with USB

We do not want anyone tinkering with computers when we leave, we stay revoke flash key of the computer notebook and the screen would turn black, the mouse and keyboard will not work anymore, it'd be cool
huh ...

But now all of that will be a reality with a softwrae named Predator Professional. This software will work exactly as I described above.

How to use:

  • Plug the USB stick
  • Run Predator (autostart with Windows if possible)
  • When he wants to get away from the computer, unplug it easy mate live USB drive / flashdisk:
  • If removable (USB Drive) then the keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen turns to dark
  • When my friend was back again in the future computers, flash input buddy that has been setting the Predator was: keyboard and mouse will work again soon, and the screen returned to normal (not dark)
predator profesional



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