Eliminating the Navbar/ Navigation Bar Blogspot

Navbar is a facility owned by the Blogger / blogspot, elongated shape in the form of a small box that is located laterally at the very top of the blog whose function among others to start doing Sign In / Out or can also create a new blog. Navigation Bar can also be used to report fraud or weblog crime committed by a blogger, for example, contains his blog that violates the TOS or other matters that are considered harmful to others.

navbar blogger
But there are some bloggers who felt it would be better if viewing a blog in a clean state without any conspicuous part in the top of the blog itself (NavBar). Therefore, sometimes the bloggers remove the NavBar. The question is: What does not violate the Terms of Service (TOS) from Blogger.com?

So far, many bloggers who have eliminated their Navbar nor reprimanded by bloggers. That is, it can be done. Yet in the TOS Blogger itself is also no rule that enough detail about this.

Well, how about eliminating the Navigation Bar?
There are several templates providers already no its NavBar. But for you who use the template that still exist NavBarnya and want to remove it then here's how.

1. You need to login first in Blogger.com / Blogspot.com
2. Then Select Layout -> Edit HTML
3. Copy the following script into the head tag

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;


Blogger Template Style
Name: Melky (Situs Melky - Software and blogging)
Designer: Melky
URL: http://situsmelky.blogspot.com
Date: 23 Feb 2004
Updated by: Blogger Team
----------------------------------------------- */

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

/* Variable definitions

4. Then save.

Good luck ...!!


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