10 Tips Avoiding Google Sandbox

avoid google sandbox

Google is a search engine that is currently the most popular and a barometer of the success of the webmaster if you can make their website appear on the first page of google. But google can be very cruel to his sandbox. To avoid google sandbox, then your website should follow the rules made ​​by google. Here are some rules you can follow to avoid google sandbox:
  1. As much as possible you want to avoid taking content from other websites. When taking content from other websites, do the editing that makes the text is different from the source, or you can also include the source of the content.
  2. Do not reproduce pages, subdomains, or domains with content that is almost the same, because your website will be deemed to have duplicate content with other websites.
  3. Avoid looping too many words on a page.
  4. Avoid links from or to the website adult / porn.
  5. Not too much new link, because your website will be a link farm by google.
  6. Do not do too much interlinking. If it is unreadable by google as an attempt to boost the ranking then the results are even rank your website going down.
  7. Do not put a hidden link. Hidden link is the old way is done by including many posts webmasters, and give according to the background color so that the link is not visible.
  8. Do not use cloaking techniques, Cloaking used to fool search engines. If the search engines do the crawling, web pages being read by google robot will be different from that seen by website visitors via browser.
  9. Do not send automated queries to Google (Using the program submit to the search engine mass).
  10. Avoid filling pages with words that are not relevant to the theme of your website.


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