Download Software Upgrade USB Flash Drive

Upgrade USB Flash Drive
Download Software Upgrade USB Flash Drive 1GB 2GB Being | Free Download Software | Become 1GB 2GB - Posting this time is How to Upgrade USB Flash Drive 1GB Being 2GB pendrive currently have varying sizes ranging from the smallest size of 1GB to 16GB is the biggest nowadays. For the smallest size is 1GB now probably is rarely available in the market because it is too small for the capacity in terms of price is not too much different with a larger size so that people are more likely to choose a large all like the size of 4GB.

But if you still have the flash disk size of 1 GB do not trigger removed first when I want to change the flash disk with the larger size because here I'll show you how to turn the flash disk with a capacity of 1 GB is converted into a 2 GB with ease. Even by a layman on the flash technology! Below Download Software Upgrade USB Flash Drive 1GB 2GB Being Free:

  1. Please download the software 1gb to 2gb first.
  2. Then please step on the USB flash disk 1GB to computer / laptop mate.
  3. Then click on the software that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Once open, select the flash disk drive buddy.
  5. Then click the "Fix".
  6. After that please unplug the flash disk.
  7. Plug the PC back to my friend and see his new capacity.
  8. With Software and this way, I managed to change my 1GB flash disk capacity to 2GB.
Good luck .....



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