How to Check the IP Address

Checking the IP address (IP address) in Microsoft Windows? For those of you who are just learning about computers and the Internet, particularly on network / networking, the following article seems to be a mandatory thing you know. IP (Internet Protocol): 32-bit address used to identify your computer desktop, notebook, router, switch or other network device on a network or the Internet. Address is the address assigned to your network card (network card) on your computer to communicate with other network devices. Well, immediately wrote yuk .. Let's follow the following simple way:

1. Click Start on the Windows menu, and then click Run.
2. Then type cmd and click OK.
3. Command prompt window will appear as below. Type ipconfig. Click Enter.

IP Address

You can see the IP address on the network card CPU / laptop, which in this case is Additionally, it will demonstrate the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. As you can see here, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway is

Note: Please read your IP information correctly identifying the appropriate network card is connected at this time. For the examples used in the test image above is using a laptop, where there is a network card and a wireless card. IP is an IP address in the network where the computer when it is connected to the network. There is no IP shown for wireless because there is no connection to the wireless network. If you need to check the detailed information that includes a DNS server networks and physical MAC address info, then type ipconfig / all.


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