Speed up Google Chrome

Browsers often slow due to many factors contained in it, ranging from add-on an irregular, cookies and cache very much, until the slow Internet speed. To clear the Cookies and Cache have been there in the previous article, it will be discussed on how to improve the speed of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a browser that provides add-on feature, popular among many people because of its speed, stable and lightweight for browsing. Rarely a problem not responding happens on Google Chrome. With this ability, many Internet users switch to Google Chrome directly shortly after the first release of Google Chrome. And now you can speed up google chrome 2x faster.

With the extensions provided by Google on the Chrome Web Store called FastestChrome, can speed up google chrome 2x faster than earlier. With support auto-load the next page function automatically opens the next page and the search feature will speed up google chrome faster to search.


How to install FastestChrome:
  1. Click here to open FastestChrome
  2. Select Add to Chrome
  3. When it is finished it will display a window and there is a finished article added
If you've reached the stage means you have completed the process of speeding chrome google 2x faster. Good luck.


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