How To Choose a Good Blog Templates

Maybe a lot of people ask "How to choose a good blog template is it?" well this time I will discuss it.

1. Templates must be arranged neatly

Obviously if we have a random mess of a layout template to a less convenient form of writing will be reluctant to visit because visitors unsightly. examples of good layout in the picture number 2. fitting of the position of the header, footer to right and left.

2. Being in the right position Widget

I think this is quite important because it's a good template on the right position for the current widgets there a way to load the page load it through the process, the process of headers Startlingly, left, right until the end footer. Then why? if there is a widget on the right automatically loaded the contents long time ago and this makes loading faster.

3. Many templates are not priority for slots Ad
Indeed, the blog can be a source of income but if we put our excessive advertising will feel unsightly, and anyway if it looks too much looking for money.

4. Find the Simple Template

Template simple visitor preferred because in addition to more rapidly create zoom is fitted.

5. Look for simple and harmonious colors

Well we definitely less tasty if you see a blog that Animashaun with color. I think it does not make it elegant, I recommend that the template has 3 color elements alone. when the hell is recommended monocrome (2 colors)

That's 5 tips that can make us pick and choose a template, may be useful!


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