CyberLink Color Director Video Editing Full Version

CyberLink ColorDirector 2 is a professional video editing application that is designed to transform your video footage into the film eye-catchin cool, creative and amazing. There are many nice features in CyberLink have ColorDirector Ultra which in addition supports dual monitor software also allows the user to increase the sharpness of detail, remove noise, add visual effects, Modifying Contrast Tint dam, turn ordinary videos into HDR and of course there are many others.

CyberLink Color Director Video Editing
Ultra HD 4K Video Support (New)

Import a wide range of popular formats for recorded video, including MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, MPEG-2, AVCHD and now ultra high def 2K and 4K video.
Live Histogram (New)
See at a glance where all of the brightness levels contained in a scene are found. Values are arrayed across the bottom of the graph from left (darkest) to right (brightest).
Dynamic Keyframing
ColorDirector's powerful and intuitive keyframe features let you quickly adjust color effects and dynamically animate selection masks with great detail and precision.
From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Now, for the first time, you can apply HDR to your videos to add more dynamic range to your scenes, bring out the detail and highlight the best parts of your footage.
Intelligent Motion Tracking
ColorDirector's intelligent motion tracking algoritm tracks motion by matching image data from a selected area in a frame to image data in each succeeding frame. It allows you to quickly select or isolate objects, accurately track their movements and of course change or enhance their color.
Easy Color Replacement
An easy-to-use eye dropper is used to select any color in a video you want to replace. You can also click in the Original Color section and choose the color you want to replace.
Precise Selection Masks
The Selection Mask can be used to precisely isolate any image in a frame for color grading and then, on a frame-by-frame level, track that object's motion over time.
Popular Stylized Color Grades
ColorDirector comes with a range of built-in, professionally designed presets that emulate well-known film looks, but you can also save any adjustments you make to a video as a preset and use it again on future projects.
Look-up Table (LUT) Conversion (New)
LUTs are useful for matching footage from one source to another, for visual effect, or for output previewing. ColorDirector supports .3dl, .mga, .m3d, .cube and .csp format LUT files
Modify Contrast & Tint with RGB Tonal Curves
Adding bit more blue to the shadow areas while tinting the highlights to warmer tones and removing green from the midtones is where RGB tonal curve adjustments can really be used to best effect.
Reduce Video Noise and Sharpen Details
It can be frustrating shooting video in low light conditions. The lack of light can suck the life out of your image, leaving you with grainy, under saturated, low-contrast and muddy video footage.
Video Noise Reduction (New)
Noise Reduction reduces extraneous visible artifacts that degrade image quality. Noise includes luminance noise that makes images look grainy, and color noise that shows as colored artifacts in the image.
Edge Sharpening (New)
Sharpness is applied to edges in your footage to enhance the details in the video clip. Applying sharpness may result in some image noise, which can be removed with the Noise Reduction tool.
Round-trip Editing with PowerDirector
And with the new 64-bit, TrueVelocity 4-powered color grading engine, ColorDirector can handle even the highest quality 4K video files with ease.
Dual Monitor Configuration (New)
Revolutionize the way you work and make the color grading process easier by expanding your workspace over two screens. A great way to compare before/after in full screen.
64-bit TrueVelocity 4 Grading Engine (New)
ColorDirector now offers native 64-bit support and the award-winning TrueVelocity editing engine for improved system efficiency and faster loading of HD video footage.

Download CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 2.0 Build 2315 Full Version Part 01
Download CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 2.0 Build 2315 Full Version Part02


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