New features in Windows 8.1

windows 8.1

Microsoft finally willing to listen to complaints from loyal users microsoft windows operating system, namely the release of Windows 8.1, which is the most desired by today's users, including myself, that is the START button, apart from the start screen and the other two just listened to a few other important features has been corrected in this edition of windows 8.1.

Applications that will be updated automatically
Applications that we download from the Microsoft App Store will now be automatically updated every time the developer released a new version. Later when the computer is connected to the Internet, users will not find another icon on the notification of application updates that are already embedded in the Windows App Store. Unfortunately, there is some confusion about what might happen if the renewal application requires more permissions like access to the site or contact list.

START button
Having previously been removed in Windows 8 by Microsoft, is now re-presented on the Start button Windows version 8.1. This feature is quite small, but this is enough to help the novice user to the previous windows were accustomed to looking for the start button every time you start an application. The button will take the user to the main page of Windows 8. In addition, the Start button will give you access power user command to turn off or turn on the device again.

4 applications can run simultaneously
The window in Windows 8.1 now allows us to work with up to four apps on one screen through the Snap feature. But this does depend on the size of the screen on the devices we use. For example, if a user uses a large screen such as a notebook, then we can run 4 each application on each screen. But on a tablet pc that has a screen about 8 inches we would be limited to only two windows open.

Exciting new features in Windows 8.1 is a mode called 'hands-free'. We can scroll through the site pages are read without touching it. This mode will be connected to the front of the camera screen is usually in tablet or laptop. So when you waved a hand in front of the screen, then read the article will move. This mode is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4, so when we waved to the top to bottom or left to right to regulate the movement of articles read.

Can you use the camera when locked
Microsoft added some new features that better matched for small tablets embedded with Windows 8.1, users will be able to use the camera without the need to open the tablet. In addition, Microsoft added some new moves for the onscreen keyboard to make typing on a smaller screen to make it easier.

Front page image of diverse
The new settings in Windows 8.1 allows us to choose a picture and desktop background color more and more diverse colors. It also lets you change the size Tiles.Kita can also change the appearance of the Windows 7 interface to classical, can also be temporarily set to a specific period. Personalize The customization allows users to set multiple background Tiles with interesting pictures.

Miracast as a substitute for Bluetooth
Miracast is an alternative to Bluetooth that offers high-speed wireless connections to other devices. We can connect the device to a projector Windows 8.1, Xbox One, other gaming consoles wirelessly to a TV or other device supports for Miracast, This is great for streaming video or playing a game of small tablet to a larger screen, such as a TV, for example.

Windows Classic Mode
As we all know, Windows 8 offers a striking change, including from the interface. Unfortunately, not everyone likes fashion boxes in the operating system. After a lot of feedback from customers who ask for it, Microsoft finally let the user to boot the computer to the classic desktop mode as in previous windows and not from the menu Windows 8. To activate this mode, we will be able to perform a number of settings through settings in the settings.

The changes that occur are actually just small. Microsoft seemed to fix the small annoyances that can relieve uncomfortable considered users of the operating system. In terms of appearance too, Microsoft did not change significantly. Users can still find the look of Metro in the OS that has the code name "Blue".

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