Download Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 Full Version+Activator

Microsoft Office 2013 (also called Office 2013, codenamed Office 15) – is the next version of the popular office suite from Microsoft, and the successor to Microsoft Office 2010. The Package was presented July 16, 2012. Office 2013 is available as part of Windows 8 for ARM processors RT, and separately for the x32 and x64 versions of Windows.

Microsoft Office 2013 is by no means a revolutionary update to the venerable office suite but this is the first version of Microsoft Office that has good cloud integration and a touch-friendly interface.

SkyDrive will be the backbone of Microsoft Office 2013. Settings, documents, templates, and even custom user dictionaries will all be synced to the cloud so that you have a consistent Office experience on whatever device, wherever you are.
Installation can be a bit of a pain on Windows 7. The Office 2013 preview downloads as an image file, which will need to be burned to a disc or you'll need a drive virtualization tool like Daemon Tools to create and mount the image. Windows 8 users will not have to worry about this as the operating system includes a disc virtualization tool.

There are also new social features shown in Microsoft Office 2013 including automatic picture importing from services like Facebook and Flickr. Easier sharing also brings along easier collaboration. Users can now hold a multi-person video conference while editing a single document.

Let's take a deeper look at the specific programs that come in Microsoft Office 2013.

Download Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 Full Version+Activator 32bit and 64bit


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