Download Native Instruments Battery v4.1.0 Full Patch

Native Instruments Battery 4 is a drum sampling app that will give you all the tools that need to adjust and percussion instruments in the song audio files. This program allows you to work with audio kit that already exists. By loading one of them, the main window will display a series of cells - 'Drum / Sample Matrix' with each cell holds up to 128 samples. You can also use additional drums and sound effects from the 'Cell Library ". Another interesting feature of the Battery 4 is the 'Master Volume Control' which allows you to set the general level for all outputs in a kit with information about the channel mixer offering over-load, this in turn allows you to lower the value and prevent sound distortion.


  • Fast, powerful and intuitive drum sampler based on a next-generation sample engine
  • Fast and direct access to wide range of sound parameters for each individual cell.
  • New: Up to 72 sample cells for large and versatile drum kits
  • Variable cell matrix size to match individual requirements
  • A filter section for each cell with 15 individual types
  • A powerful compressor for every cell with optimized presets
  • Extensive modulation options including a freely assignable envelope and LFO for each cell
  • Mapping editor managing 128 sample-layers per cell
  • Up to 16 mono and 8 stereo outputs, 256 stereo voices , 32 Bit internal resolution
  • Over 3,5 GB of professional drum and percussion samples
Native Instruments Battery v4

Download Native Instruments Battery v4.1.0 Full Patch


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