Create a Search Engine in Blogger

Currently search engines can not be separated in the internet world. With Search Engine we can find out about the things we want in accordance with the keywords we type and bla...bla... bla ...
What we discuss here is how to create a search engine in blogger. It's easy, namely:

1. Login to blogger then click Layout continue to select page elements nha there's a lot of elements to Add a page click on the link and adjust where its place put a search engine
2. then on the new screen that appears, select HTML / Javascript and then copy / paste the script / code below in the column content.

<form action = ""
method = "get"> <input class="textinput" name="q" size="30" type="text"/> <input value = "Search" class = "buttonsubmit" name = "submit" type = "submit "/> </ form>

Change name with the name of your blog. The figure of 30 shows long box (text box) the more the number, the more his long textbox.


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