Keep Track Your Notebook the Missing or Stolen

In the modern era and is a lot of expensive department thieves forced berkeliyaran because of economic necessity, and not infrequently notebook became the target of thieves stealing it. if you have a notebook or computer switched hands to the thief / thieves, it is very difficult to trace.

Here is very difficult not to say impossible, because there is a software that serves to track a notebook that has been stolen, his name is Adeona. but only the computer's installed applications that could be tracked by it.

Once the application is installed on your computer then it will be run automatically when the laptop is run by thieves. If the notebook is only used in a private home that is not connected to the network lan / wifi / internet then the computer will not be detected. but if the thief turns out people who love to browse the internet then connect to the Internet when the anti-theft software will send data to the server IP Adeona, which helps determine the location of the thief is.

Adeona Tracks Lost and Stolen Laptops


New Service Tracks Missing notebooks for Free
Open Source Adeona Tracks Lost & Stolen Notebooks

Adeona uses state-of-the-art cryptographic mechanisms to Ensure that the owner is the only party that can use the system to reveal the locations visited by a device.

Adeona uses a community-based remote storage facility, Ensuring retrievability of recent location updates.
Open source and free: Adeona's software is licensed under GPLv2. While your locations are secret, the tracking system's design is not.



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